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SIG Innovation EURAM

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Innovation Theory and the (re)foundations of Management 

November 2015, 9th-10th MINES ParisTech, Paris, France


This event of the Innovation Special Interest Group of the European Academy of Management aims at the advancement of research addressing the contemporary challenges of Management Science implied by innovation. Elaborations on innovation theories in relation to the foundations (or refoundations) of management theory will be the main theme of this SIG event. This theme has been organized in five tracks of the EURAM “Innovation” SIG that focus on different issues and points of views connected to current fields of research. Other topics can be suggested to the organizing committee.



Track Topics (suggested questions)


  • Tensions and complementarities between innovation theories and management theories
    • How do recent advancements in design theory and creativity theory add new perspectives to decision theory as pillars for both innovation and management theory?
    • The interplay between Organization theory, standardization and innovation
    • Leadership /entrepreneurship and open What are the new challenges raised by an increasing porosity of organizational boundaries for leaders and pioneers?
    • Strategy and  emergence  of    How  to  grasp  competitive  environments  for innovation?
    • Reinventing managerial economics, business models and the evaluation for
    • Corporate cultures and behavioral patterns fostering innovation


2)  Innovation in management as a form of social innovation

  • Absorptive theory and the management of new social forms of
  • New managerial approaches of markets, users and How do User Innovation, Open Innovation, exploratory partnerships and environmental changes influence innovation processes?
  • Social innovation as managerial New conceptualizations of the roles of actors, their configurations and collective action.
  • Changes in HRM (authorities, behavior, workforce) contemporary social transformations.
  • Sustainability and innovation: what are the managerial challenges for a sustainable collective action?

3)  New foundations of management research and the study of innovation

  • Innovation and design as a source for new management How are the management paradigms implicitly or explicitly related to design regimes and innovations?
  • Methods for studying innovation and rigor in management How to improve methods to study contemporary innovation processes and phenomena?
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and new behavioral Since innovation leads actors to confront the unknown, how do new behavioral logics achat de viagra en ligne en france emerge beyond the standard norms of rational action?
  • Corporate governance, performance and innovation What are the specific criteria brought by Innovation paradigms to evaluate corporate performance and enable corporate governance?


4)  History of innovation, history of management

  • The impact of industrial revolutions on What are the actors, the processes, as well as relational and cognitive settings unfolding the potential of the industrial revolution?
  • Evolution of the management of R&D How has the organization of research and development supported transformations of this function until now?
  • The influence of engineering thinking on management as a What are the benefits from the interplay between engineering thinking and the formation of management discipline?
  • The emergence of Management Science as innovation in Social What are the benefits concerning specific means, philosophies and organizational schemes for action?
  • The contribution of cultural and artistic revolutions on management


5)  Innovation in management education

Management  education  undergoes  a  variety  of  transformations,  reflectingcontemporary challenges and opportunities:

  • Innovation in management education (MOOCs, serious games, teaching by ..). What are the new pedagogical forms that are enabled by contemporary technologies and methods?


  • The teaching of management How to teach management innovations (such as Web-based exploration and exploitation, Open and User Innovation, Design and Creativity management)?
  • Innovation as a topic in management How to tackle the innovation issue in different curricula? What are the successful examples and the new challenges to do so?

Important Deadlines

All submissions (full papers) should be sent by email to the organizers,from SEPTEMBER 15th 2015 till OCTOBER 1st 2015.

Notification of acceptance: As of October 15th Registration deadline for authors: October 31st


Publication opportunities

All papers accepted for the event will be published in the conference proceedings, subject to author registration.


Selected papers presented at the conference will be considered for revision and publication in spring 2016 for a special issue of European ManagementReview (EMR) dedicated to Innovation Theory and the (re)foundations of management, edited by Prs. Pascal Le Masson (Mines ParisTech, France), Maria Elmquist (Chalmers University, Goteborg) and Annabelle Gawer (Imperial College, London).



On behalf of the Innovation SIG Committee,

Organizing Committee chair and contacts:

MINES ParisTech PSL Research University

Pascal LE MASSON,,  Sophie  HOOGE,