Innovation and Design for European Engineering Education Conference

IDEEE (Innovation and Design for European Engineering Education)  is an EELISA community which aims at building a network of scholars, professors, practitioners and public manager to develop innovation and design in engineering education relying on most advanced practices and scientific model to prepare engineers and scientists to design a better future.

A growing consensus is developing in the design community that we collectively need new design paradigms to face current challenges. Indeed, from one side, we are currently in a period of intensive innovation characterized be an acceleration of the renewal of product and services. On the other side, the current transitions ahead of us (energetic, demographic, numeric…), call for the implementation of new design practices by engineers, scientists and managers.

Historically, unprecedent needs for new design activities led to a renewal of both design theories and engineering corpus. The IDEEE community reflects upon the current evolutions of innovation and design in european engineering education through the organisation of regular thematic-based conferences.



The conference is open to all public who is interesting in the future of European engineering education.

The event will take place ONLINE.  Please register with the form on the right column.

The link will be recevied few days before the conference. 


In this fifth conference of the IDEEE Community, we invite Pr. Joerg Schulze Silva, Full Professor at FAU, head of the chair of Electron Devices and Dr. Andrés Dias Lantada, Associate Professor, Mecanical Engineering Department, UPM.

In this fourth conference of the IDEEE Community, we explore the historical and the certification aspects that shape the engineering profession and their links with innovation and design. To do so, we invited Armand Hatchuel from Mines Paris – PSL University and José Carlos Cadrado, Vice-President of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.

In this third conference of the IDEEE Community, we explore the state of the art of teaching education practices. To do so, we invited Anette Kolmos, Professor and director of Aalborg Center for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability and Kristina Henricson Briggs, Vice President of Tracks at Chalmers University.

In the second conference of the IDEEE Community, we explore new ways of articulating design with engineering education. To do so, we invitedAldert KampImmediate past Director of Education TU Delft and 4TU.Centre for Engineering Education andOlivier Potier from University of Lorraine.

In this first online conference of the IDEEE community, we tackle our question from an industrial point of view. We focus on identifying the new design needs of industrial companies and the future those needs entail. To do so, we invited two industrial observers of the current transformations: Natasha Eckert from Siemens and Sébastien Massard from Dassault Systèmes.